New York hit and run victim Kevin Bell has been laid to rest in his hometown of Newry as family and friends come to terms with his shocking death.

The 26-year-old was found in the Bronx district last Sunday morning and pronounced dead on his arrival at hospital.

Believed to be the victim of a hit and run accident, Kevin’s body was tossed into the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office van next to bags of recyclable bottles.

A photo of Kevin’s body being put in the van has caused huge distress to Kevin’s family and friends as his killer remains on the loose.

The Daily Mail website reports that American police believe he was hit by at least two vehicles. They have appealed for anyone with more information to come forward.

Kevin had travelled to America to work for the summer and his many friends joined the family at Saturday’s funeral in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Cloughoge, Newry.

Local people in Newry, including the GAA community, have already raised over $60,000 to help Kevin’s family.

A witness who saw Kevin killed has described her horror at the way his body was dumped.

Marielly Ramos was driving on East 233rd near Oneida Avenue when she saw the accident and pulled over to try and help him.

She told the New York Post she was horrified at how his body was being treated,

She said: “They throw him in a car full of garbage? It’s upsetting. He’s somebody’s child. You wouldn’t even do that to an animal.”

The witness added that she saw Kevin stumble across the road.

He then lay down in the middle of the road before being hit by at least one car.