The families of victims of Whitey Bulger are outraged that actor and director Mark Wahlberg plans to sit down with the convicted killer.

“They want to glamorize Whitey and those killers. They ruined my whole family,” Steven Davis, whose sister, Deborah, was allegedly strangled to death by Bulger in South Boston told The Boston Herald.

“I have a lot of respect for Mark (Wahlberg). I would hope that he would reach out to us, too.”

Wahlberg told a radio progran WAAF on Friday that Bulger had reached out to him.

“He wants me to come down and visit him. Maybe he’ll give me the exclusive rights to tell his story,’cause he knows, you know, we can do it better than anybody else,” Wahlberg told the station.



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“I mean listen, first and foremost I really feel and my heart goes out to the victims of anybody who was, you know, hurt or, you know, anybody who lost loved ones in any of that stuff,” he said. “But you know, if there’s a story to be told there, and, you know, we can do it in the way we want in the way that we best see fit, then, you know, then it’s certainly something that we would explore.”

Massachussets Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman Stephen Brewer  said profits from the interview and any subsequent book or movie should go to victims.

“There’s a log of mayhem in this world because of the actions of Jimmy Bulger,” Brewer said. “If there are profits to be derived, it ought to go to the victims.”

David Wheeler, the son of another victim, Oklahoma businessman Roger Wheeler, who was allegedly killed on Bulger’s orders, said the FBI had probably set it up to make them look better.

“Whitey Bulger is nothing without the FBI, and his power came from the FBI,” Wheeler said. “Hollywood just walks right in because they’re going to tell the story the FBI wants told."

‘Whitey’ Bulger arriving home to BostonStuart Cahill