Mark Zuckerberg jetted into Dublin city on Thursday for a surprise visit. The CEO and founder of Facebook was the nation’s capital to give a pep talk to the company’s European headquarters in the city.

Reportedly the 27-year-old addressed the company’s 200 staff and then sampled the nightlife afterward, according to Silicon Republic.

Zuckerberg was in Europe this week to where he addressed the G8 technology forum that took place before the global G8 summit.

Facebook opened up a Dublin base in Ireland two years ago with the creation of 70 jobs and has expanded it’s operation since then to 200 employees.

The arrival of the company’s CEO was marked by a massive party in the company’s HQ in the Dublin docklands where Irish rock band Bellx1 played a roof concert.

While attending college at Harvard University, Zukerberg founded Facebook six years ago. The popular social networking site now has over 650 millon users worldwide.