READ MORE- Facebook gives Ireland vote of confidence

The Irish division of the social networking giant Facebook have recorded pre-tax profits of almost €300,000 ($400,000) in its first year of operation in Ireland.

Facebook Ireland Ltd recorded revenues of €15 million ($20 million) in the 15 months leading up to December of this year according to documents filed with the Companies Office. The company recorded pre-tax profits of €297,688 ($398, 753) in 2009.

The news comes in the wake of the companies job announcement, that it is set to increase staff numbers in Dublin by 100 in the next year.

Facebook opened its European headquarters in Dublin city in October 2009. With 64 employees, at the end of last year the global firm recorded staff costs of €1.6million ($2.1million).

Google confirmed recently that Facebook was the most sought after search item among its Irish users.

The brainchild of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, presently the privately owned company employs in-excess of 1,700 employees worldwide.

READ MORE- Facebook gives Ireland vote of confidence