This week the Irish-born Suffolk County Polices Commissioner and the District Attorney announced that they believe there are more than one killer dumping bodies along the Long Island coast, where the remains of 10 victims have been found, however some experts disagree.

Vernon Geberth, a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) detective who has written textbooks on homicide investigations spoke to New York Daily News. He said "I wouldn't be so quick to be talking about multiple killers…The probability of having two serial killers using the same dumping ground is very, very remote - to the point where I don't buy into it."

Another expert in his field N.G. Berrill, a forensic psychologist said "That coincidence, in and of itself, would be remarkable."

Geberth says that the fact that there are two different methods of disposing bodies involved in the case does not mean that investigators are dealing with two killers. He said "I am looking at a serial killer who has basically progressed. He has become more effective at disposing of the bodies. He doesn't have to go through all the work of decapitating his victims."
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Berrill said that the killer may have tried dismemberment and moved on from this. He said "If it doesn't satisfy them or it doesn't turn them on, then they may return to a more typical way of murdering these people and getting rid of these bodies."

Barbara Kirwin, a clinical and forensic psychologist, agrees with the investigators suggestions and believes that there are at least two killers. She told the New York Daily News "We are not talking about a person as much as we are talking about a place…That desolate stretch of Gilgo Beach is a haunted graveyard, and what holds it all together is that it is an unpatroled, completely private and deserted place where you can dump a body."

County Laois born Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer along with District Attorney Thomas Spota said they now suspect that there were multiple killers dumping the remains of their victims along the isolated Long Island coast.

They believe the first four bodies found on Gilgo Beach are the victims of the same killers. They were all prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. Their bodies were all wrapped in burlap.

Two other women found nearby, one of them identified as a prostitute, were dismembered years before. Their bodies parts were found near Gilgo, this year and in Manorville, Long Island in 2003.
Another two bodies, an Asian man and a female toddler, have also been found along with two sets of bones. They have not been linked to the women's murders.

Emergency personnel search the dunes and scrub near the ocean, across the road from where eight bodies where found, near Oak Beach, N.Y.AP