An experienced Irish American skydiving instructor lost his life on Saturday, during a competition in San Diego, California after he crashed into a pond while attempting to perform a swooping manoeuvre.

Sean Carey (35) was participating with over a dozen other skydivers on Saturday morning when the accident occurred. As part of the swooping contest he failed to pull up in time and crashed into the pond at speed. He received medical treatment at the scene but later on was declared dead in hospital.

"He accelerated to the pond too low and didn't come out of the acceleration quickly enough," Facility manager Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld told U-T San Diego, told ABC News.

The deceased man had previously trained in the Navy SEALs for the military and had completed more than 8,000 jumps.

Also known as canopy piloting, swooping involves skimming a few feet above the ground and water at speeds of up to 60 mph.

Buzz Fink, president of Skydive San Diego, where Carey worked as an instructor, described him as “one of the most experienced canopy pilots in the country".

Sean Carey, experienced skydiver, dies attempting difficult stuntGoogle Images