The online gambling market is a highly profitable industry that has an estimated 10 to 12 million users across the globe and generates about $27 billion every year. Another proof is the fact that Slots Craze iPad gaming app and other mobile games are taking the market by storm. However, this growing business is not perfect and there are certain dangers that need to be taken into consideration.

For one, it can be utilized by dishonest companies that do not pay out the proper amount for winnings, jackpots, and other prizes. Plus, it can also be a channel for money laundering and other financial crimes. These are some of the reasons why some governments make drastic measures to combat illegal activities.

Except for New Jersey and Nevada, the United States has strict guidelines when it comes to online gambling and its government utilizes a significant amount of their resources to control the said industry. In some cases, the US government may legally control to prevent financial crimes from happening.

On the other hand, this is not the case with Ireland as it is more lenient with regards to the said matter. The said country acknowledges the fact that online gambling is a flourishing worldwide market that should not be constricted by national rules.

However, this does not mean that gambling companies are above the law in Ireland. There are no public casinos in the said country and the provision as well as the promotion of gambling facilities are prohibited and are subject to stringent laws. These precautionary measures make it almost impossible for illegitimate companies to put together online gaming services in Ireland.

Simply put, the guidelines in Ireland are specifically designed to halt the establishment of illegal gambling entities. It does not prohibit its residents from utilizing online casinos or gambling sites.

Furthermore, while official casinos are deemed illegal under Irish laws, some casino clubs may enjoy legal status as long as they comply with government requirements.

All in all, Irish gambling laws are clear-cut proofs that the government can halt financial crimes and other illegal activities without compromising the right of people to enjoy online gambling activities.
Remember, online gambling and even traditional gambling are fun activities that should be enjoyed rather than resisted.