A slain NYPD sergeant, who was shot dead by his wife used to make her look at gory 9/11 photos, her son-in-law testified in court on Monday.

Jesse Joyce, a Navy pilot who is married to Barbara Sheehan’s daughter told the court that his deceased father-in-law Raymond once forced the defendant to look at graphic crime scene photos from the World Trade Center site.

“It was as if they were his trophies,” Joyce said. “He kept trying to show Mrs. Sheehan but she kept trying to look away from them. He would tell her, ‘Look at this. You need to see this.’ ”

He said his mother-in-law was constantly berated by her husband.

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Last week the mother of two testified that her husband often showed her crime scene photos to threaten or intimidate her, insisting he knew he could get away with murder as he knew how to cover up the crime.

The 50-year-old Queens resident is accused of murdering her husband in February 2008 after shooting him 11 times with two guns. She maintains it was in self defense after years of physical and emotional abuse.

Sheehan’s two children Jennifer (25) and Raymond (21) testified in her defense last week.

Ex-cop shot by abused wife - forced her to look at gory 9/11 photosEllis Kaplan