The founder of the controversial euthanasia association Exit International is scheduled to visit Dublin again in two weeks.

Doctor Philip Nitschke last visited Ireland in 2010, but after a successful campaign by anti-euthanasia groups, four venues canceled his association's bookings.

Nitschke will reportedly participate in a debate on euthanasia scheduled at University College, Dublin on February 16 and he is also due to address the group’s 60 members in Ireland, many of whom are suffering from terminal illnesses.

Tom Curran, the Dubliner who launched Exit International in Ireland last May, told the press the association was a source of information and support for people interested in learning more about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Curran added that people had "a right to access to information."

Curran said he did not provide any information on euthanasia directly, but still sought clarification on the legality of his involvement with the pro-euthanasia group.

Curran’s became involved with Exit International after attending a meeting with Nitschke, and he launched the group’s Irish arm last May. Since then Curran said he was amazed at the level of interest from Irish people.

It is a crime in Ireland to assist a suicide or euthanasia.