Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana – real name Rosemary Scanlon - may run for President of Ireland again

The Derry born singer has gone back on an earlier pledge not to seek a second nomination after previously running against the incumbent Mary McAleese in 1997.

Dana has made her move in the wake of the withdrawal of David Norris from the election campaign despite leading the opinion polls.

In 1997, she finished third in the election. She received the nominations of five county councils and finished third in the contest after polling over 175,000 first preferences votes and 14per cent of the vote.

Currently holidaying in Los Angeles, she is expected to announce her decision to run on her return next week.

Her brother John Brown, campaign manager for Dana in 1997, has all but confirmed to the Irish Examiner that his sister is back in the presidential frame.

“She’s not ruling anything in or out. She’s under pressure to run and has been for weeks and in recent days. There’s a huge democratic deficit out there,” said Brown.

“She is visiting friends in Los Angeles for two weeks and will decide when home. I spoke to her and it is something that has moved up in her decision-making process. A few politicians have also approached her about running.”

According to supporters, Dana’s critical position on Europe’s role in Ireland would form part of her campaign.

“Her position on Europe is in challenging the possibility where you could see the total loss of Irish sovereignty,” said Brown.

“The constitution is more important than any European agenda.”
Independent TD Finian McGrath has confirmed that, together with a number of colleagues, he will consider backing another candidate after withdrawing his support for Norris.

“Three individuals are being considered who are outside politics and who have a strong vision of a national purpose. They must have a squeaky clean record and be respected by the public. We will decide in early September,” said McGrath.



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