Speaking in Ireland’s parliament, Taoiseach (Prime Minsiter) Enda Kenny asked for the “complete and unreserved co-operation of church authorities” on ensuring the safety of children from abuse.

The Fine Gael leader also said that he has had no contact with the Catholic Church authorities in Ireland, or the Holy See, since his controversial speech in parliament with relation to the Cloyne Report and the Vatican’s dealings with clerical child abuse.

He told Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams that he accepted the testimony of Ireland’s Primate Cardinal Sean Brady.

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Kenny acknowledged the Holy See’s apology and that the Church is “is sorry and ashamed for the terrible suffering of victims of child abuse in Ireland and their families and the acceptance of grave failures over the handling of the child sex abuse scandal”.

Although he acknowledged many were disappointed with the Vatican’s response, he said he was satisfied with the response. He said it “is of value in coming to terms with the sad history of abuse and the inadequate handling of cases”.

He told the Government that the only way forward was one of dialogue and cooperation. He said “With confidence, I require and expect to have the complete and unreserved co-operation of the church authorities and everyone in our society to that end.”


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