An ancient order of enclosed Irish nuns have embraced social media in efforts to attract young women into their vocation.

The Poor Clares based in Colettine Monastery in Co.  Cork  launched their website on Sunday to mark the 800th anniversary of its foundation. The nuns take vows of poverty, chastity, prayer and obedience. Upon entering the monastery, they never leave and only see their families three-times a year.

Eight nuns live a life of solitude in the Poor Clare Colettine Monastery on College Rd in Cork.
"It was a community decision. We’re dipping our toes in," the mother abbess, Sr Colette Marie told the Irish Examiner.

"If a girl feels like she has a vocation, the first place she’s likely to look these days is on the Internet or Google.

"We don’t want the website to draw attention to us. We want it to draw attention to the Lord."

Sister Francis, who celebrated her silver jubilee in 2009 agreed with the sentiment.

"We are slow to take new steps. It is not the essence of our lives to be involved in social media. But it is the herald of today,” she said.

Bishop John Buckley, who attended the 800th anniversary celebrations in Cork on Sunday described the monastery as a "haven of prayerfulness".

"Poor Clares are loved by generations of Cork people," he said.

A video crew filmed their Sunday rosary and benediction for the first time recently, see the videos below.

Evening Prayer - Part 1: The Holy Rosary:

Evening Prayer - Part 2: Benediction:

Photo of some nuns at the Poor Clare Colettine Monastery, Cork