PHOTOS - Irish family reunited at Dublin airport - slideshow

Christmas time in Ireland is special – a time for family, parties and homecomings. Nowhere is this more evident than at the arrivals hall in Dublin airport every Christmas.

They come from Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and every possible location in between, but one thing they all share is the immense look of joy and relief to be home and in the embrace of their loved ones at Christmas time.

Now more than ever the Irish are conscious of homecomings at Christmas. Last year it is believed that 70,000 people emigrated due to the massive unemployment figures (14%+) in Ireland and lack of opportunity.

This Christmas while there are many families that are rejoicing and relishing spending time together, one in three people in Ireland will be missing someone this Christmas, who couldn’t make it home.

We’ve put this photo gallery together to mark what a special time of year this is for all those emigrants and their families enjoying homecomings.

PHOTOS - Irish family reunited at Dublin airport - slideshow


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