Despite appearances, Ireland leans more to the U.S. Republican party side than the Democratic, according to an opinion piece on

Even though it appears Ireland seems to side with the more progressive, liberal view when it comes to social issues, the evidence would suggest that the Emerald Isle "looks like GOP country."

Steve Coronella, an American author living who has lived in Ireland since 1992, writes that the country's "state-supported church schools are something Republicans would die for." In Ireland, 98 percent of taxpayer-funded primary schools are under the management of either the Catholic or Protestant churches.

He adds that both abortion and same-sex marriage are outlawed in Ireland, with homosexuality being decriminalized only in 1993.

Coronella also addresses Ireland's 12 percent corporation tax. which attracts foreign investment despite objections from other EU states.

He concludes with the statement that "the next time a Democratic overlord like Bill Clinton or President Barack Obama pays a visit, someone might want to remind them that all is not as it seems here."

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