READ MORE- Irish woman in Cairo fears stand off

The Irish embassy in Cairo has helped 40 Irish families leave Egypt in the past week, the families included long-term residents of Cairo, as well as those on vacation.

The embassy is also working with several embassies throughout EU member states in an attempt to arrange seats on charter flights for up to 20 additional Irish citizens stranded in the North African country.

A spokesman from the Department of Foreign Affairs said that all Irish citizens who wished to leave Egypt would be facilitated.

There are many EU citizens residing in Zamalek, the locality of Cairo where the Irish embassy is also located. A spokesman from the Cairo embassy said that the Zamalek area was considered one of the safer neighborhoods despite being located close to the Tahir Square.

‘‘Despite being crisis-crossed by a number of main roads on stilts, which lead to and from flashpoints, there are no exits off these roads down into Zamalek," the embassy’s duty officer, “  told the Sunday Business Post.

As well as assisting those who want to leave Egypt, the embassy is also providing support for 400 Irish citizens around the country.

READ MORE- Irish woman in Cairo fears stand off

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