Is Electronic Arts anti-Irish? That's the question after the multi-million-dollar gaming company dumped Ireland into "Great Britain" in its new WWII game "Battlefield 1943."

Irish gamers are furious with the company as the new online game does not include Ireland as a choice for user profiles.

EA says Ireland was was not "listed distinctively" which is why Irish gamers can only select the Union Jack.

As of yesterday, July 29, "Battlefield 1943" clocked up so many downloads that it has already become the most downloaded download-only game ever.

The firm shattered day one and week one sales worldwide on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and in the U.S. on the PlayStation Network.

It's beyond me how a company as global as EA could have made such a basic error which is bound to cause outrage among the Irish community worldwide.

Does anyone know how we can get them to change this?