Read more: Long Island Ripper could have killed more than 13 women

Latest reports reveal that one of the last four bodies, victims of the Long Island Ripper found last week, was that of "an infant, or a child". The police have also revealed that all the victims of this serial killer were strangled.

Police sources have revealed, to the New York Post, that "One doesn't match the others. It's a young person, possibly as young as an infant, or a child…If that's the case, then that wouldn't fit the pattern."

The four women, whose remains were discovered on Long Island in December, were all prostitutes who advertised their services on Craigslist. All four bodies were also wrapped in burlap. The women whose remains were discovered on a remote beach near Atlantic City were also prostitutes.

The last four bodies have not been identified yet.

It has also been revealed that the first four women, discovered in December, were all strangled. According to the New York Post the mothers of Lorraine Ela and Lynn Barthelemy have received the death certificates for their daughter. The confirmed that the women died of "homicidal asphyxia" or strangulation.

It has been confirmed that the four women found in Atlantic City dating back to 2006 were also strangled.

On Monday 125 probers resumed the search along the Long Island coast with the hope of finding more evidence. The search was called over earlier this morning as the police found what they believed to be animal bones.

One source told Fox "They are human remains. It's not a complete body, they are partial human remains." If this is confirmed it would bring the death toll to 13.

State Police Capt. James Dewar said searchers "did locate some bones, and those bones will be transported to the Nassau County Medical Examiner's office."

Concerns have been raised that the investigation led by Irish-born Suffolk County Police Commissioner is being hampered by a lack of cash and means to pay overtime to the patrols in the beach area.

In 2009 the patrolling jurisdiction along the beach was taken away from the Marine Bureau, which had cops stationed along the beach. It was given to the First Precinct in West Babylon, a 40-minutre drive away.  The responsibility was only returned to the Marine Bureau in 2010 when the first bodies were found.

Searches during the weekend have also been cancelled due to the cost of paying overtime to workers.

Read more: Long Island Ripper could have killed more than 13 women

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