Edward M Kennedy Jr, son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, said during this year’s Democratic National Convention that he would consider a run for political office, calling the role an “honor.”

The Boston Herald spoke with Edward and Patrick Kennedy, the sons of late Senator Ted Kennedy, in Charlotte, North Carolina, while at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Edward Kennedy, Jr said that this year’s DNC was “bittersweet” without their beloved father sharing the experience.

The family enjoyed a warm reception at the Convention on Wednesday when Sen. Kennedy, who died in 2009, was remembered with a video tribute. One highlight in the video was Kennedy beating Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the 1994 Senate seat race in Massachusetts.

Edward Kennedy Jr remembers how every four years people would look forward to “a Ted Kennedy speech” while at the Democratic National Convention. He points to his father’s love of the job as an inspiration for him to run for public office.

“He reminded everybody why they were Democrats,” said Edward Kennedy of his Senator father’s often anticipated speeches at Democratic National Conventions.

“He said the same thing every four years,” Edward Jr. said of his late father, “and he would remind people about how we have to stand up for the underdog.” He also touched upon his father’s desire to see universal healthcare for the American population.

“There is an incredible fulfilment from going into public service,” said Kennedy Jr. before being asked if he would consider giving a go at public office. He responded, “I’ve thought about it from time to time.

“I’ve thought about public service and hopefully one day I’ll have the honor to serve one day,” said Edward Kennedy Jr, with his brother Patrick quickly adding, “in the near future.”

Watch The Boston Herald interview here:

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