A magnitude 3.8 earthquake rocked the Irish Sea and the East Coast of Ireland at 4.15 a.m Wednesday morning waking thousands from their sleep but causing no injuries.

The epicenter was off the coast of Wales but it was felt in Dublin and along Ireland’s East Coast.

Thousands of startled residents took to Twitter and Facebook to describe their surprised reactions.

Many  reported "intense shaking" and a deep rumbling noise that lasted several seconds.

The British Geological Survey said it was a larger than usual quake.

"This was a larger than average earthquake, we get around one a year of this size."

"People have reported hearing an initial loud banging, followed by rumbling, and intense shaking."

Shauna Casey wrote on Twitter from Dublin, “Omg actually can't believe I experienced an earthquake!

The largest reported earthquake that affected Ireland was a 5.4 again off the Coast of Wales in 1984.

Geologists report that there has been another earthquake in the Irish Sea. This is following a larger quake, at 3.8 on Richter scale, that took place in MayGoogle Images