Justice Liam McKechnie ruled that jarveys (carriage  drivers) would now use dung-catching devices as part of their duty to manage and maintain the National Park in Killarney.

This ruling came as the result of a legal challenge to a ban on the jarveys using Killarney National Park without dung catchers attached to their horse’s rears.

The judge said it was regrettable that they jarveys would not have previously tried the dung catchers and avoided this court case. 

Unfortunately the judge ruled against the group on every point they raised.

The jarveys argued that the National Park and Wildlife Services had no power to ban them from the park. They also argued that this ban was an attack on their property and personal rights.

Judge McKechnie asked the jarveys to go and try the dung catchers on a trial basis in a controlled environment. He also said that the National Park and Wildlife Services has a responsibility to manage and maintain the park.

In closing the judge also said that he believed that the jarveys would not loose trade with the tourists because for the new contraptions. He believes that tourists are more discerning that that.

He also cited the potentially hazardous conditions the dung caused on the paths in the path especially for those with prams or in wheelchairs.