Charges against Bishop Robert McManus of the Worcester Diocese in Rhode Island have been dropped after McManus entered a guilty plea.

The Associated Press
reports that on May 13, another motorist alerted authorities after witnessing Bishop McManus allegedly commit a hit-and-run near the Bishop’s vacation home in Narangassett in Rhode Island.

Bishop McManus entered a guilty plea to refusing a sobriety test after the accident. As a result, the 61-year-old Bishop’s license was suspended for six months.

He admitted he "made a terrible error in judgment" by driving after drinking wine at dinner.

The charges against Bishop McManus were dropped, which the Associated Press reports is common for first-time offenders.

In a statement after the charges were dropped, Bishop McManus said, “I continue to ask forgiveness from all the good people I serve." He said he is humbled by the support he's received.

Bishop Robert J. McManus off the hook as first time offenderAP