Dublin City Council has dubbed the public bicycle scheme a great success. During the first 10 months of the scheme they have received no reports of any serious incidents.

Police around the city have confirmed that none of the city bikes are involved in any serious incidents. The police as Pearse Street and Store Street police stations described their findings as surprising considering the large volume of people using the bicycles now. Only one bike has gone missing and none have been seriously damaged.

So far 37,347 have signed up for the scheme. The scheme allows the public to have use of the 450 bikes which are parked at 40 stations around the city. The first 30 minutes with the bike is for free which makes it an ideal form of free transport to get around Dublin when it is not raining.

Jason Frehill, executive planner with the Dublin City Council said that they had planned to rent helmets with the bike but they decided against this due to hygiene concerns.

So far there have been 828,688 journeys made and 95 percent of those trips are under 30 minutes.

Similar schemes have been successful around Europe including more larger cities such as Rome and Paris.