Thieves on push bikes are targeting female iPhone users in Dublin, making it one of the capital’s fastest growing crimes. Extra police have been deployed to the main business districts in the city in a bid to stop the robberies.

The Irish Times reports that females talking on their Apple smart phones during lunchtime and in the evening are being targeted. Thugs prey on females while they are in mid-conversation on their phones, as they swoop in and snatch the device before making a quick escape on their bicycles.

The summer months of May and June saw a surge in robbers, resulting in Dublin police implementing a specialist operation to clamp down on the new trend.
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“Even a small number of criminals could be responsible for dozens and dozens of these. The iPhones are the real hot item for them,” one police source told the Irish Times.

Gardaí (police) estimate the phones are being sold on for anywhere up to €150 ($208) to smaller stores who specialize in second-hand phones, repairs and unlocking.

Once stolen all data is wiped from the phone in turn making them impossible to identify. Police sources say that females are being targeted as they are less likely to chase the thieves. They also added that iPhone users were being pursued, as these smart phones are easily sold on.

“A lot of women are wearing high heels coming from the office so they couldn’t run after you”.

“We’re seeing it now a lot in places like the IFSC (International Financial Services Center) and office districts on the south side of the city too,” one source told the newspaper.

Dublin’s fastest growing crime - iPhone snatching on bicycles