A 40-year-old store DUblin store , dedicated to dolls and doll repair, has prompted complaints about their shop-front display which contains Golliwog dolls, black faced dolls many find offensive.

The Irish group Residents Against Racism have received several complaints about the dolls but they remain in the shop window.

The Irish website, Indy Media, reported they the dolls were still on display and snapped this photos (right).

The term golliwog is a racist slur in Western Countries. It refers to people of African origin or dark skinned people. The black faced doll also has offensive links to slavery, racism and imperialism. 

According to reports Residents Against Racism have submitted a letter of complaint but have received no response.

The shop is known by locals as the 'Doll Hospital' and is located on George's Street, in Dublin's city center. They specialize in selling and repairing dolls of all kinds as well as doll houses and toys.

To visit the Doll Store site visit here.



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