Dublin Zoo’s latest arrival, a Rothschild giraffe, has made her debut to the Dublin public and now the zoo is asking the public for their help in naming her.

The unnamed giraffe was born a month ago and already measures two meters and weighs 40 kgs.

You can suggest names for the giraffe on Dublin Zoo’s Facebook page or email them or write a letter. The Zoo says that it would like her name to reflect her African origins. On the other hand her mother is called Maeve, which sounds more Irish than African!

So far some suggestions on Facebook include Molly, Lulu, Halle, Rachael, Dora and Cailin. Other’s who followed the zoo’s orders have come up with Zulu, Sahara, Ashanti, Rafiki, Leele (tall in Setswana), Jambo (Swahili for freedom) and Afric.

The giraffe’s keeper, Helen Clarke-Bennet spoke to the Irish Times about the new giraffe. She said that when she finally made it outside she stayed “very steady” but never moved away from her mother.

She said “The calf is doing well and we are delighted to see her first-time mum is being very attentive and is nurturing her new born with great care."