Dublin City Council has installed porta-potties in the nation’s capital to prevent drunken revelers urinating in public.

The local authority say the facilities are proving to be beneficial despite criticism that they are unsightly. They have ruled out plans for the construction of public rest rooms, as there is no budget available to complete such a project.

Camden Street in Dublin’s city center has a large volume of bars and nightclubs. Due to Irish bar’s closing times, thousands of people spill onto the streets in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning, with many people using lane ways as toilets.

Following complaints from local businesses and residents the council made the decision to install porta-potties.

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The local authority said: "The facilities have worked well and the levels of street urination have decreased in the vicinity.

"The situation is kept under constant review and if there are difficulties they can be brought to the attention of city council," councillors were told.

Cllr Mannix Flynn made the request that the toilets which are placed on Camden Street over the weekend "to facilitate certain overcrowded large venues and public houses" be removed from the street.

Councilllor Flynn asked that the city authority "provide proper public conveniences as is practiced in the rest of Europe."

Camden Street, Dublin during the dayGoogle Images