A Dublin mother-of-two says she was forced to go to Britain for an abortion because she couldn't afford to raise another child, reveals the Irish Mail on Sunday.

‘I have no choice,’ she said. ‘I feel terrible about it now but I will get over it, it is the right thing for me to do. I have absolutely no doubts.’

The 32-year old woman, named 'Lorraine' in the article, lost her administrative job six months ago and received little support from her family. Three months ago, she separated from her long-term partner, who is the father of her two sons, aged 12 and 13. She embarked on a new relationship with an old friend and was shocked when she discovered she was expecting his child.

She asked the Irish Mail on Sunday to accompany her on her trip to Britain to highlight a journey taken by 150,000 women since January 1980.

‘I should be allowed to do this in Ireland,’ she said. ‘I never ever wanted to get pregnant but it’s happened now. I’d never be able to explain it to my children or my ex-partner and I have little or no support from my own family.



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‘I lost my job a few months ago and my ex doesn’t work either. I could never tell him what’s happened or my kids. The whole situation is a mess and I just can’t go through with it.’

The father of her unborn child said he was 'fine' with the situation.

‘He took it better than I thought he would,’ Lorraine said. ‘I honestly believed he would go mad but he didn’t. He understood my decision but said he would support me either way but I know he wanted me to have an abortion, he just didn’t say it. No one ever wants to say something like that.’

‘I wish I was never in this situation. I don’t care what anyone says – you can’t judge someone in this position until you’re in it yourself. I know I’ve made up my mind but that doesn’t stop me feeling awful.

‘I’m just all over the place but I’m definite about my decision.’

She said she would not give the baby up for adoption.

‘I know there are lots of people who can’t have children but that’s not my fault. I don’t want this baby and I have the right to make this decision. I couldn’t afford to take care of it anyway. I get a bit of work here and there but my main job is gone so I’m barely making ends meet as it is,’ she said.

Figures released by the Irish Family Planning Association in May revealed that around 12 women travelling to the UK, where abortion is legal up to the 24th week of pregnancy, for a termination every day.

Because Lorraine was only six weeks pregnant she chose to take the medical abortion pill instead of the surgical procedure.

‘I don’t regret it,' she said afterwards. 'I just hope when I get my head together and my hormones settle down that I’ll be able to put this behind me and get on with my life.’

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