The High Court in Dublin has awarded $130,000 to a woman who was seriously injured by a dog that was airborne after being hit by a car.

Wexford woman Rosemary Skrine successfully sued the hunt club she was a member of and the car driver after the 2005 accident.

Skrine was knocked out by the impact, and she sustained knee hip and head injuries that  seriously curtailed the active lifestyle she led up to that point.

Skrine, who was club secretary of the Island Hunt, was pursuing the November 29, 2005 hunt in a car when one of the hounds got separated from the rest at a road crossing.

She got out to warn other drivers that there was a dog on the loose on the road when Abbas Amhed, a professional bus driver by trade, drove along in his car and hit the animal.

The impact drove the dog into the air and it hit Skrine in the face, causing her to bang her head when she fell on the road.

The judge in the case was complimentary to Skrine on how she handled herself on the day of the accident and during the trial, and said that on the day in question it should have been very easy to make her out in the middle of the road warning other drivers.