Dublin has come in 10th as one of the cities with the worst traffic in the world, following Los Angeles for most traffic congestion, according to TomTom, a supplier of navigation and GPS systems.

Using data collected from users around the globe, TomTom has created a traffic index measuring how long it takes to drive distances throughout the day and during peak periods compared with driving times during non-congested periods, resulting in a total average percentage increase in travel time, MarketWatch.com reports.

According to the data, Dublin commuters spend 35% more time traveling during congested periods.  The delay per hour for driving during a peak period is 43 minutes, and the delay per year with a 30-minute commute is 96 hours.

Here is the complete list of cities with the worst traffic in the world:

1. Moscow
2. Istanbul
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Mexico City
5. São Paulo
6. Palermo
7. Warsaw
8. Rome
9. Los Angeles
10. Dublin