Dublin is now one of the gang murder capitals in Europe.

In just 10 years, Dublin has achieved the dubious distinction of being home to some of the most violent gangs in Europe.

The report in the Irish Independent says that only Glasgow and the Baltic capitals are worse.

The Irish Government has introduced sweeping new powers aimed at curbing the gang violence but critics say these powers will do little to attack the root causes.

For example, schoolchildren in some of the most neglected areas of the city are routinely offered hundreds of euro to cycle round Dublin on drug deliveries.

Little wonder they gravitate to a life of crime.

Eleven men (and they are mostly men) have been killed in gangland shootings within the Dublin city council area since the beginning of the year.

An additional four were shot dead on the outskirts of the city and another two were killed in Spain and Amsterdam as a result of feuding.

The city has an average murder rate of over two per 100,000 at the moment but there are fears that it will actually top the charts on gun murders if the city maintains its current rate of two to three a month.