A Dublin crime lord has bragged that his fellow gang members "whacked" RealIRA terror boss Alan Ryan.

The Evening Herald reports that one of Dublin’s top criminals has claimed responsibility for the murder of Real IRA boss Alan Ryan. A middle aged man boasted to his friends: "It was us that whacked him."

Investigators are examining the theory that up to four different north Dublin gangs were involved in the Monday murder.

Alan Ryan, 32, was shot several times at Grange Lodge Avenue in Clongriffin, Dublin, on Monday afternoon while he walked with his pal Aaron Neilis, who was shot in the leg. The murder victim was previously jailed over the discovery of a Real IRA training camp in 2000.

The killers fled the scene in a Silver Volvo car which was later discovered burned out.

One source told the Irish Sun that Ryan had enemies all over Ireland.

The source said, “Ryan had enemies in some of the most vicious drugs gangs in Ireland because he was demanding cash all over the place.

“There will be carnage over this. There’s no way Ryan’s gang will let this go and they will be baying for blood. His mob has access to a vast array of automatic weapons and explosives. This was a professional hit — the criminal gangs seem to have had enough of Ryan’s men taking their money.”

A major crime investigation is underway amid fears the execution style killing could lead to a revenge attacks.