An Irish born Libyan rebel is in the frontline of the war against dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Dubliner Husam Najjair is fighting with the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade as they mount a new offensive against government forces near the city of Tiji.

The son of an Irish mother and a Libyan father, Najjair was a builder in Dublin in a previous life.

In an interview with the Irish Independent, he revealed that he decided to join the rebels after seeing TV reports alleging that government troops were committing atrocities against those staging the uprising.

“I heard there were rapes and oppression. I could not just sit there like a couch potato just watching it on the news,” said Najjair who came to Libya for a family wedding in January and stayed on to fight after the February 17 revolt began.

A crash course in warfare followed for the Dublin born Najjair.

“I am also a sniper. It’s not rocket science. You just hold your breath and shoot,” he added.

“The war is not easy. The government forces have ammunition to burn while we are running out of ammunition.

“Yesterday a sniper was closely tracking me and shooting at me as I moved for quite a distance.

“But it’s worth the risk. This has made me learn about myself, what I am capable of achieving.”



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