Read more: Irish-born ‘ho hum bandit’ now linked to Seattle robberies
Dublin born Adam Lynch, who was arrested in connection to a armed robbery in Colorado, will be questioned in relation to robberies in California, Washington, Wyoming and also Colorado. The 34-year-old dubbed the 'Ho Hum Bandit' could be connected to at least 24 robberies.

Last Monday Lynch was charged before a federal grand jury for the robbery of Chase Bank, in Edgewater, Colorado on March 16. He was arrested at a bar in Colorado.

He was given the nickname the 'Ho Hum Bandit' because of the casual manner in which he carries out his robberies. Lynch wears no disguise but simply walks calmly into the banks, hands the tellers a note demanding money, and claiming he has a gun. He would then walk out with the money.

The FBI now believes that he is connected to numerous robberies across the country. The first robbery attributed to Lynch too place in Newport Beach, California, in February 2010. The most recent was in Colorado last month.

In the period leading up to his arrest the FBI issued an appeal for his arrest stating that he was armed and dangerous. They also set a reward of $15,000 for any information that might lead to his arrest.

They now believed that he is responsible for at least 24 robberies across the west coast. On Sunday the FBI also announced that it is investigating additional incidents in California, Washington, Wyoming and Colorado.

Lynch ran a dog-walking service with his ex-wife, called SF Four Paws, in San Francisco. The website for the company was shut down on Sunday. Customers described Lynch as "very professional and friendly".

Glen Eastwood, manager of Fado's Irish pub where Lynch was a regular, told CBS "I knew he was Irish…Seemed like a stand-up guy. Kept to himself, didn't cause problems and the staff got on with him."

If convicted of the bank robbery in Edgewater, Colorado he could face up to 20 years in prison along with a $250,000 fine.

Read more: Irish-born ‘ho hum bandit’ now linked to Seattle robberies