The Dublin archdiocese, the largest in Ireland, is on the brink of financial collapse a report in the Irish Catholic newspaper, quoting an internal church document, has revealed.

The document from the Council of Priests  states  “We are in a precarious position in many parishes and in the diocese, close even to a state of financial collapse,” according to the document.

It also reveals that “reserves the diocese had built up over decades have been spent on seeking to compensate, somewhat, victims of child sexual abuse by priests.”

“This means the diocese will have to go into debt for a considerable period and will not have resources for other projects unless we fundraise for them specifically,” the document states.

The document notes: “Collections in the diocese have been decreasing in recent years. In a time of economic downturn, as well as declining participation at Sunday Mass, this is not surprising.”

A  proposed levy on Catholic families is put forward and also a plan to secure €20m from parishes with “surplus funds.”

Adminsitrative costs of the archdiocese are also set to be slashed. The document warns that any proposed changes “must include an assessment of all central administration posts” and adds that pay cuts in line with public service pay reductions must be considered at diocesan agencies and for parish pastoral workers.



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