Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2, which will see its first flight land this Friday, cost €1.2billion and is set to be the last sight many Irish emigrants see as numbers of people leaving the country accelerate in the next few years.

The new Pascall + Watson-designed second terminal is expected to 400 new jobs in the retail outlets based there, a fraction of the number of people likely to leave Ireland because of unemployment.

T2 will be handling all Aer Lingus flights and the flights of the four American airlines operating out of Dublin.

And Aer Lingus, according to a Bloomberg report, will try to compete with those four U.S. airlines by offering them the ability to pass through U.S. customs and immigration in Dublin, thus allowing them to walk straight into the U.S. once they land.

Aer Lingus will start operating out of T2 on November 23 and will clear all U.S. passengers in Dublin by the first quarter of next year, Aer Lingus’s chief commercial officer Stephen Kavanagh said.