An out of control gang of Irish college students completely destroyed a San Francisco house they were renting for the summer leaving chaos behind.

Rita Vohru, herself an emigrant from India, had rented her house in the Sunset District to a group of exchange students from Ireland after they had difficulty finding accommodation. 

She cited her own emigrant past as the reason for doing so despite the bad reputation of many Irish exchange students.

Their thanks was to completely wreck the house from top to bottom, smashing windows breaking doors, hammering huge holes in walls with a driver golf club and leaving a chaotic scene behind them.

Vohru, a business executive, reckoned it would cost a small fortune to fix.

Her plight reached CBS News in San Francisco who featured what Vohru called “mini terrorism” during a tour of the house as she described the destruction.

“How drunk, angry and violent would you have to be?” she asked displaying the damage.

Among the objects left behind was what appeared to be an arrest notice for an Irish student later identified on social media as a Trinity College student.

Claims on Reddit and other social media sites stated that up to fifty Irish students at various times were staying in the house.

There have been many incidents over the years involving drunken Irish students but this stands out as one of the worst ever.

The Irish Consulate in San Francisco stated they would investigate the matter and seek to recompense the house owner.