It is expected to be one of the best selling  action adventure video games of all time, but just-released Wild West game "Red Dead Redemption" has Irish media outraged at a drunken Irish character who is inebriated and abusive all the time.
Irish, the character's name, is "usually found stumbling around and getting into trouble with sober townsfolk while attempting to talk his way out," says the text. That's because he's the town drunk.

"The stereotype of the drunken Paddy will again be taken advantage of," said Dublin's Evening Herald, noting the game will be played by millions of kids worldwide. They also called it a  "nasty surprise."

The headline reads "Irish 'drunk' sours launch of hit game," and there has been a widespread pick up in the press of the allegations about the drunken Irish character.

"It is an outrageous slur, especially as we know schoolchildren will be playing this and they will be seeing a stereotype of the drunken Irish?" said commentator David Hogan.

"This game is a disgrace. Would they have black characters selling watermelon or Jewish characters lending money, of course not. But it seems-okay to slur the Irish."