A  multi-million dollar lawsuit taken by the Irish family of the late Kay Cregan against a top New York plastic surgeon nicknamed 'Dr. Botch'  has begun.

Cregan, 42, died on St. Patrick’s Day in 2005 after undergoing a face-lift surgery at the offices of  Dr. Michael Sachs. He and an anesthesiologist were both involved in the  procedure on the County Limerick woman.

The Cregan family is suing  Sachs and anesthesiologist Dr. Madhavrao Subbarao, who is being sued for “abandoning” Cregan and failing to provide proper post-operative care.

Cregan had booked the $32,000 face-lift, eyelid surgery and nasal reconstruction as a surprise for her husband after seeing Sachs' work showcased in Ireland's Sunday Independent.

Cregan suffered from post-operative bleeding that blocked her airways, which ultimately killed her. She had complained of dizziness, and had fainted the morning after she had undergone the cosmetic procedures.

Subbarao is accused of failing to intubate Cregan, which would have assisted her with her breathing.

Her husband, Liam - who had believed his wife was visiting friends in Dublin - rushed to St Luke's Hospital in Manhattan from Ireland and was by her side when life support was switched off on March 17.

Sachs, who was been dubbed "Dr. Botch" in the New York media, has been involved in more than 30 malpractice cases since 1995.

Cregan's sister Agnes Kelly said she didn't believe her sister knew about Dr. Sachs' reputation.

Sachs’ lawyers have claimed the doctor is not guilty of negligence, and attributed Cregan’s death to an undiagnosed irregular heartbeat.
However, an autopsy found that no pre-existing condition played a role in Cregan’s death.

The opening statements were heard on Monday in New York’s Supreme Court before Judge Joan Lobis.
New York=based Irish lawyer, Thomas Moore, is representing Cregan’s family.
Moore’s office told IrishCentral.com on Wednesday that the case is in it’s third day and the second defendant was giving evidence.
“We expect the trial to go into next week for sure,” said a spokesperson for Moore.

It is still possible that a settlement could be made but no offer has been put on the table.

Liam and Kay Cregan