For the past two summers, a 28-year-old Dublin teacher has been putting down her chalk, packing her bags and heading to Los Angeles to live her second life.

"All my students have finished their exam prep and I've done all my tuition, so I'm off," said Jenny Dixon.

Jenny’s summers may have been a mystery to some of her students and their parents, but now the secret is out. The math and biology teacher, who works at a north Dublin boys’ school, is heading to the United States for her third year and is looking forward to multiple acting gigs and invites to the world's best parties and clubs.

"As soon as I hit L.A., I'll be getting my tan done, hair done and teeth done and it'll be a very different, much more glamorous Miss Dixon to what my pupils are used to," Jenny told the Herald.

The students could have spotted their teacher in Taio Cruz’s music video for the song “Dynamite,” as she landed a role in it last year. This year she has meetings with some of Hollywood’s major producers such as Eddie Murphy’s production company.

Jenny will also be taking the stage at the New Age Theater, continue to host different shows and has a meeting scheduled with the producers of a high profile TV show.

“It's a show everyone has heard of and if I got a part it would be an amazing opportunity," the multi-talented teacher said.

Visiting Hugh Heffner in the Playboy mansion is atop her “To-Do” list for this summer. With the nuptials between him and 24-year-old Crystal Harris, the mansion should take a different feel during that day but return to its usual party atmosphere soon thereafter.

“I don't know if I'll be at the wedding itself but I imagine there'll be a lot of celebrations that will go on for a few days. If there's one thing they do well at the Playboy Mansion, it is parties."


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The Dubliner is looking forward to partying with Hollywood’s A-listers at the mansion as she has been for years.

Jenny added: "I love having a double life and come September I'll be happy to be standing back in front of a class full of pupils talking about science and sums again."

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