READ MORE- New wave of Irish immigrants arrive in New York

An exodus of young people in Donegal will intensify in the New Year according to locals.

Many of those who plan to migrate are well-educated but currently have no alternative.

Student Union President of Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Marian Gibbons told the Donegal Democrat that she and her family are being forced to emigrate in search of work.

The mother of two said that her and her fiance, have no choice but to leave Ireland when her contract expires in June.

As a law graduate, Ms Gibbons had hoped to complete an apprenticeship with a local legal firm, but with few prospects, she and her young family are planning to move to New York.

"We are getting married on New Year's Day then myself, my husband and two kids are heading off. We have no option," Marian stated.

"I feel like I have no choice and so many of my friends are the same," she added.

"I personally feel it is such a waste of resources. The government ploughed so much money into getting people through education and we are going off now to benefit another country. Where's the logic in that?" she asked.

As the Student Union President, she says that many of her friends and fellow graduates plan to emigrate also.

Bundoran Town Councillor Michael McMahon has warned those who are considering emigration not to become undocumented. He advised any person traveling to ensure they put contingencies in place, such as a place to stay before travelling.

According to the town councillor, the recent drop in unemployment figures only masks the true fact that many people have already left for the U.S. In search of work.

"(The Government) should take a walk around Webster Avenue or Jerome Avenue or Queens to see you Irish kids walking up and down the avenues looking for work. I was annoyed that (they) didn't take into account the amount of people that are leaving," Michael said.

Since the downturn there has been a “swell” in the number of undocumented Irish flocking to America.

"It certainly is a cause for concern for the people who are living over there and have been for ten, 15 or even 20 years who are also undocumented," he said. "With the restrictions in place over there it is very difficult to get work. There also is high unemployment in America and getting accommodation is problem."