People from County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland have the sexiest accent in the country, according to recently published research.

Around 42% of Irish women and 39% of Irish men have admitted they go weak at the knees listening to the north-west accent.

The survey, undertaken by the personals service which caters to both heterosexual and gay members, also discovered that one-in-five Irish women believe accents are an important consideration when choosing a partner.

'We all know the distinctive voice of our favorite celebrities,' the company's dating expert Avril Mulcahy told the Belfast Telegraph. 'They have a way of drawing you in and holding you. It might sound assertive, confident, powerful or just downright sexy.'

And if Donegal gets pulses racing, poor country Tipperary has a long, long way to go faring worst of all with just 1% of women and 5% of men describing it as the sexiest accent.

Galway-born television presenter Grainne Seoige was chosen as Ireland's sexiest female celebrity voice, getting 48.7% of the male vote.

Peter O'Toole topped the poll with a third of Irish women voting his the sexiest male celebrity voice.