Fundraisers across the country are being held for the two victims, Natasha McShane and Stacy Jurich, of the vicious baseball attack that took place in Bucktown, Chicago last month.

All of the funds raised are to aide McShane and Jurich in their rehabilitation and medical bills.

McShane woke from her induced coma this weekend but is still showing limited brain function and remains in a serious condition. Jurich is now at home and is recovering slowly.

This weekend the bar, where McShane and Jurich as being celebrating prior to their attack, held a fundraiser in aide of Jurich.

Friends and family raised $4,000 for Jurich who is undergoing intensive rehabilitation therapy. Jurich was well enough to attend the function along with her friends and family.

Her friend Alycia Rubio said "I absolutely love Stacy. Don't know her too well but I'm good friends with Natasha, so I would like to come out and support her."

A separate fundraiser will be held in Chicago on June 4 for McShane at the Local 399 Operating Engineers event hall.

In Yonkers, New York, hundreds turned out this weekend in support of McShane. In the Heritage Bar and Restaurant raffles, hair shaving and donations are expected to reach into the thousands.
The head shaving event alone raised over $1,000.

One of those in attendance Laura Brosnan said “The place was packed. It was really so good to see the Irish all come out when there is a need for it.”

Nadine Conlon, one of the organizers of the event and a childhood friend of McShane, thanked the local businesses, all who donated and McShane’s relations in New York for their help.

To donate to either of the funds visit or