Defense lawyer for George Zimmerman, Mark O’Mara has explained how the money raised through donations from the public will be used.

George Zimmerman has been charged with the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old high school student. He has been released on bail and is now living, under curfew at an undisclosed location.

His lawyer Mark O’Mara set up a fundraising website for his client. He explained that the quarter of the donations ($50,000) which was to go towards paying for his client’s defense will instead pay for his client’s security and living expenses while he is in hiding.

According to an ABC report O’Mara said more than $200,000 had been raised and the other $150,000 is being turned over to an independent administrator.

On Tuesday O’Mara and his client received that news that they would not appear in court again until 8th August.

This continuance has bought the defense six more weeks. Without it, he would have been due back in court 27th June.

The Sun Sentinel
reports that O’Mara’s plans are unclear. Last week he has announced he was eager to possess the evidence, something that he had delayed fear witnesses’ safety. Once the state gives him its evidence it will become public record.

Media companies including the Orlando Sentinel, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, and CNN have filed paperwork stating that they will fight to get access to all public records in the case.