Never one to keep his opinions to himself, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to slam former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his plans to run for New York City mayor.

Weiner’s plans to take on a mayoral campaign in NYC came as a surprise to many after scandal shook his political career. In 2011, Weiner accidentally tweeted explicit photos of himself that were meant to be sent as private messages.

Though initially saying his Twitter was hacked, Weiner ultimately owned up to the photos and stepped down from his Capitol Hill office, which he had held for nearly seven terms.

Now, with plans to run for mayor of New York City, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to slam Weiner.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted to his nearly 2.2 million followers, “Sexting Pervert @anthonyweiner has returned to twitter. Parents of all underage girls should BLOCK him immediately!”

Trump soon followed up with, “Will @anthonyweiner be fully clothed in his mayoral ads?”

Weiner has a new account under @anthonyweiner, and no longer tweets from the now infamous @RepWeiner account. His new account has a paltry three tweets so far, but boasts nearly 9,500 followers.

Two weeks ago, Trump had tweeted, “Sexual pervert Anthony Weiner has zero business holding public office,” when reports first emerged that Weiner was contemplating a mayoral run.