Less than two weeks before Election 2012, Donald Trump released a video offering President Barack Obama $5 million to release his college and birth records. Should Obama meet Trump’s requests, Trump promised to donate $5 million to the charity of Obama’s choice.

Trump teased the video out for a few days before launching the video on Wednesday at noon. On October 22, he (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted: “Stay tuned for my big Obama announcement--- probably on Wednesday.”

Trump also said on Monday, “I have something very, very big concerning the president of the United States," Trump said. "It's very big, bigger than anybody would know."

Rumors started flying about what kind of “dirt”Trump could possibly have on Obama. Gossip of Michelle and Barack’s divorce papers started to brew, as well as rumors that Trump may have had alleged evidence of Obama’s past “drug use.”

However, none of the outrageous rumors proved to be substantiated via the Trump announcement. In fact, Trumpdidn’t “have” anything on Obama per se, but did have a deal to offer the President in a video entitled, “From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement.”

President Obama mocks Donald Trump on Jay Leno show - VIDEO

Last year, Trump briefly rose to the top of the polls as a potential Republican nominee for President, but other than his support for Mitt Romney this year and the offering of his own opinions, he has little political involvement.

While there is no doubting that Obamahas his fair share of people looking to get dirt on him - probably just as many that are looking to get dirt on Romney - why Donald Trump suddenly thinks he is the voice of the American people is not apparent.

Trump kicks off his video by saying, “We know very little about our President,” and thatObama is the “least transparent President in the history of this country.”

Evidently, Obama’s release of his long-form birth certificate, proving that he was in fact born in the United States, was not enough to quell some Americans’ doubts.

says in the video he feels “honored” that he got President Obamato release his long form birth certificate.

“Birthers,” as they’ve been nicknamed, have now grown suspicious that Obama attended college for some time in Indonesia, thus perhaps refuting his American heritage.

“Now, many many people have questions, and very serious questions,” says Trumpbefore introducing his deal that he’s offering Obama. He calls the deal an offer that Obama “cannot refuse, and I hope he doesn’t.

“If Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications and if he gives his passport application and records, I will give to a charity of his choice … immediately, for $5 million.”

Trumpincluded the “caveat” that the materials must be produced by 5pm on October 31st, not surprisingly, before the election.

Trump believes his plan will "end the question and indeed the anger of many Americans.”

While Trump’s video may have grabbed Internet attention, it hasn’t appeared to ruffle the feathers of the Obama campaign as no comment has been made yet in reference to Trump’s “deal.”

The Internet, of course, has been sounding off in response to Trump’s video. “Trump” began trending on Twitter within hours of the announcement. TIME tweeted “Surprise! Donald Trump's much-hyped Obama announcement is actually about Trump himself.”

Some commenters on IrishCentral’s Facebook page said that the video was a publicity stunt for Trump, while others wondered why the media pays the real estate mogul any attention in the first place.

Of the comments posted at time of publication, most commenters seemed to feel that the video was nonsense, while only a few said they would like to see Obama make the deal.

Elsewhere on the Internet, comparisons quickly abound between Trump’s video and a plotline in a Batman film where the Joker offers Batman a deal to reveal his true identity in order to save a children’s hospital.

How do you think Obama will respond, if he responds at all? Will he take the bait forcingTrump to fork over the $5 million to charity, or will he not even bother entertaining Trump’s suspicions?

Check out Trump’s video here: