Donald Trump is not an idiot, he's an important rich successful businessman and he wants the world to remember it.

Stung by President Obama's archly witty one-liners at the now infamous Press Dinner, where the commander in chief had enormous fun at Trump's expense, the billionaire developer has authored a new book which reportedly discloses his financial statement.


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Having a big bank balance is a recognized stand in for having other big things, like ego and clout and Trump wants to remind the world of his own significance. In fact, in his new book robustly titled Time To Get Tough, Trump has for the first time freely admited his net worth is around $7 billion dollars and he has not ruled out a 2012 presidential run.

It must be music to President Obama's ears, in a political season where the GOP frontrunners have failed to win the ardent support of their own base.

According to The Daily Mail Trump is still reading the political tealeaves and in his new book he claims he could still run as a third-party hopeful if the Republicans pick 'the wrong candidate.'

Interestingly, Trump's evaluation of his own net worth varies wildly from those of Forbes, who estimated in September that he was worth a more modest $2.9 billion.