Eyebrows may be raised as a young Irish model jets to New York to become a star in the Donald Trump model stable.

Rozanna Purcell has flown to New York six weeks earlier after being urged by Trump to make the step. Trump has exhibited great interest in her future career.

Purcell, 19, from Tipperary, grabbed an immediate coveted modeling contract with Trump Model Management after finishing just seventh in the Miss Universe pageant.

Trump has referred to her beauty several times, including during a recent appearance on the David Letterman show. Trump personally approached her about joining his agency.

Talking  to the Evening Herald newspaper, Rozanna said, "I can't wait to go, I only found out on Tuesday night that I'd be going so soon. But I'm always ready, it's what the job means.

"Since I'll be in New York, I'm going to meet up with Rima [Fakih, Miss USA], who lives nearby.

"I have no idea where exactly the apartment is yet though."

"I don't know how many girls I'll be living with, it can vary from one to six.

"It's not as bitchy as everyone thinks, because we're not in direct competition with each other - we're all looking for different aspects of modeling.

"And you're never in the same place for very long. After six weeks, they'll see how that goes, then I'd go to London and Milan. They always try you in a different location to see how the client responds to you."

Talking about her fame she said "It's so strange, I don't feel different at all.

"Some of my friends treated me a little differently when I got back and I don't like that. But I pay no attention to any of the negative stuff."