Irish sports star Donal Og Cusack’s decision to come out in his autobiography has been a massive step forward for Irish society, and his openness in dealing with such a private matter will have inspired thousands who find themselves in similar situations.

However, that doesn't make it any easier for the Cusack family, and Donal Og's mother Bonnie Cusack has said that her husband is having problems coming to terms with the issue.

While confirming that both herself and Donald Sr. fully support their son and the dignity and bravery he has shown, Cusack also admitted to Marian Finucane on RTE Radio that her husband is having his own struggles coming to terms with the issue, saying that she felt "very sorry" for him.

"We knew he was coming home to tell us and I felt very sorry for his father," she told Finucane of Donal Og’s decision to return home from a 2005 team trip to South Africa  to come out to his family after rumors were spreading about their son’s sexual orientation.

Donal Og himself admitted on Irish TV that though he did not come out to family until after that trip, though he always felt that his mother already knew. Donal Og’s mother said that she knew since he was 16.

"His father thought I was mad and would not hear it, but I thought it – there was no girls on the scene and it was a mother’s instinct," she said.

Mrs. Cusack went to on to say that if her son were to get married that she would support it.

"It is a fact of life and we have to get on with it. If it came down to it I would not have any problem going to it, we would do anything to support him."

While that support is unwavering, Cusack can’t sometimes stop herself from imagining things differently.

"When I meet parents of lads getting married and hear of them having children I would feel a bit sad. I think how great it would be for Donal Og if he were married, but life was not meant to be that way for him."