An Irishman who organized a bestiality sexual encounter with his dog and a woman he met online has avoided jail after the woman died after  intercourse with the dog.

The woman, 43, died shortly after sex with the dog in the man’s Limerick home possibly due to an allergic reaction to the dog’s sperm.

However the judge found that Sean McDonnell was blameless in the death, The woman had come to his home of her own free will, and he had no idea that an allergic reaction would take place. The dog was later destroyed.

McDonnell lost his job as a bus driver and his family disowned him. He moved to Britain after publicity on his case forced him to leave home.

Judge Carroll Moran stated “even in this tolerant times, acts of bestiality are socially repugnant," but said a custodial sentence was not called for.

The judge said he was “shocked” when informed the man had 1.5 million hits on porn sites over a five month period, reports the Limerick Leader. He ordered him to go to counseling and placed him on the sex offender’s list.

A woman died at Sean McDonnell's home after she had sex with his dog.