Does Fox News host and Irish American Sean Hannity want President Obama arrested for treason? Crazy as that may sound, he apparently fully agreed with one of his guests on Friday night who was calling for that.

According to the News Hound watchdog site, Hannity, hosting a special show called "Terror on Trial," called on a special guest, anti-immigration activist Peter Gadiel, to give his opinion of Obama's efforts on the war on terror.

Who is Peter Gadiel? He lost a son on 9/11 and he's a man who once stated  that "Americans must sleep with loaded pistols at their bedsides because so many of them have been attacked by illegal aliens."

He clearly has it in for Obama, too.

“I think (Obama) lied to us and I think that he has an alarming history of helping terrorists … Obama refused to denounce the Iranian government when it was shooting pro-democracy demonstrators.

“It may be pushing the envelope a little bit,” Gadiel added, “but I, I wonder, you know, The Constitution has provisions for people who provide aid and comfort for the enemy and I just – there’s no exemption for high officials, including the President and the Attorney General. I just wonder when, when it will be that people would, will decide or will there be people around who will be willing to point fingers if he crosses the line and when does he cross the line?”

Gadiel is clearly saying that Obama is committing treason, an extraordinary charge against a President. Hannity however, did not take him to task, but rather asked the audience "How many of you – show of hands (Hannity raised his own hand) – high, if you can. How many of you agree with what Peter just said?”

Almost the entire studio audience raised their hands – essentially agreeing it was okay to accuse Obama of treason.